Swiss Shooting Medals
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1892 Swiss shooting festival
Switzerland. Glarus. Scarce Silver Shooting Medal 1892 by Huguenin

Obv:  Helvetia standing, with shield next to right leg
Rev:  Arms in center,.
Diameter : 45 mm
Reference :  K134

Subject : Silver Medal  Shooting Festival.
Date Struck : 1892
Mint : Huguenin
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Nov 18, 2010
1891 Swiss Shooting Festival (Aargau)
Dedication  Cantonal Shooting Festival in BREMGARTEN
Date Struck  1891
Engraver  Bovy
Obv:  Lion rampant above Coat of Arms of Aargau with crossed guns behind. AARG. KANTONALSCHUTZENFEST 1891 BREMGARTEN
Rev:  Walking in triumph, Knight, Hans von Hallwyl, victor at the b…
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Nov 15, 2010
1853 Bern Shooting Festival
Dedication  Federal Shooting Festival - Dedicated to 500th Anniversary for Bern canton entry into Confederation
Date Struck  1853
Engraver  Frener
Obv:  Medieval Knight holds sword and banners in front of treaty signing table
Rev:  All Confederated cantons shields in…
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Nov 15, 2010
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