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As a self admitted toned coin freak, I cannot help but fall in love with these naturally toned Silver Eagles. I can only hope that you will enjoy looking at them as I have collecting them!

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This will be an ongoing and upgrading set. It will be my final collection that I will put together. Stay tuned to see what I add and what changes. So far I think its off to a great start.

I am hoping to crossover the coins that are not PCGS becasue I have a registry there. I plan to submit all of them to CAC.

I will also include in this collection the following:

1)US Coins: Type Set
2)World Coins: Russian and Hungarian
3)US Tokens: Civil War,Merchant Tokens and Hard Times Tokens
4)World Tok…
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I cannot began to express my passion for British Conder Tokens.
One only needs to cast your eyes upon them and do some reading.
You immediately become enamored with them.

Please look and enjoy.

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Mexico, Canada, Haiti, Israel and more...... What can I say I loved toned coins  :)

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Hungary, a great Father's heritage.He was first generation Hungarian yet he always said....."I'm AMERICAN".... Good one Dad :D :D

It is also part of who I am. Here is a small slice of great Hungarian coins dedicated to My Dad who passed away in 1990....

btw Zohar if you see this you know what coin I want!!!!

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Russia, what a wonderful country.....So much beauty, tumultuous times and rich heritage.

My Mother's heritage. She was first generation. It is also part of who I am. Here is a small collection of great Hungarian coins and Novodel's dedicated to my Mother!

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US and World, coins, tokens, and medals.

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