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Bear asked me to start this thread for him, so everyone will have some information regarding his why's and what's he has done
to establish the Bear Legacy Collection.

It is all here and itemized with coin details and easy to find, so here goes...... :)


Criteria for the collection

Before I started this collection, I thought long and hard about how I would do it
and what standards I would use in constructing the collection. What follows is
the sum of my thoughts on my collection. The main purpose is to leave this collection
intact for at least ten years or more if not needed to support and care for Mrs Bears
comfort.I would expect the final collection to number between 40 - 50 coins when UPDATED 7/!!
I am finished, (in more ways then one)

1. I would attempt to make almost all the coins PCGS. I have found that this TPG is
stricter in grading coins I am interested in such as Liberty Standing FH Quarters,
Bust coinage and Morgan dollars as well as high grade rare gold coins.Further, I
wish that all coins be CAC approved.

2. All coins in the collection will be 19th and early 20th century coinage

3.The collection will contain 20 cent, quarters, halves dollars, selected commems
as well as a sizable assortment of different denomination gold.One can
never have too much gold in ones collection.

4. I will not specifically seek out the keys to any series although some coins
may be rare or at least condition rare. Further, I will not specifically seek out
the very highest graded coin for economic reasons. But the coins must have
high grade , be MS or PR and have a WOW factor so that almost any collector can
look at them and say " those are damn nice coins". Because coins at such a high
grade often have subtle differences between say MS-67 & MS-68, an objective and
experienced third opinion might be required such as CAC to protect the quality of the
investment. I will attempt to buy PCGS/CAC coins when ever possible. I have found, that
though either party is not immune to errors, when both are found on a coin, the coin stands
an excellent chance of being solid for the grade . It tends to give future buyers of the coins
confidence to pay strong money and it ceretainly provides a measure of confidence to me.

5. The coins must have the following criteria and all the aspects of the coin
must come together in a pleasing manner. These aspects of my own grading
of possible purchases is this. They must have strong luster, strong strike,color, as much original
skin and originality as possible and no disconcerting marks in highly visible areas. Further, as
stated above, for most series I will seek out PCGS slabbed coins although, obviously if a coin grabs
me I will consider it in a NGC holder. Unlike the common mantra. buy the coin and not the slab. I choose
to grade a coin for myself and if it makes the cut in my own opinion, then I consider the slab it is in,
the grade and the price. All these aspect must come together for me in a balance and pleasing manner.

6. Since PCGS came out with the Plus grade, I will consider coins in no less then MS-64+ grade if they retain
all the characteristics of a gem grade. That means the luster, color, strike and surface condition mist represent
the very best of the Plus grade.In rare and unusual circumstances, I would buy an original PCGS AU-58 coin
if a lovely Liberty seated dollar became available. These original 58 coins are really hard to come by, but I am
confident that one among my golden circle of dealers will eventually succeed in finding me one with full luster,
nice color and great strike.

7. Most of the coins will fall in the MS-66 to MS68 grades with as many pluses as I can find and approve of.
A lot depends on price as one can not spend all they have on a single coin. However, the grade and appearance
of the coins must meet the expectations of advanced collectors in the next decade or even two.

8. The collection once formed will be in the hands of my estate executor when I am gone. He is my son and an accomplish
collector in his own right. He knows how to grade, price and buy as well as sell valuable and expensive coins. If not for
his availability to manage the collection, I do not believe that this enterprise would be advisable after I am gone. Complete
and detailed notes will be kept on each coin as to from who purchased, when purchased, the cost, if any coins have been
upgraded ect. Also all coins will be sent to CAC for review upon purchase, if not already with such sticker..

9. my expectation, that the type of collection I am assembling, will exceed one million dollars in ten years. While I do not know
if inflation will continue the historic average of 3%, this collection should exceed inflation be a healthy margin.

10 I have nothing against toned coins or non toned coins and the collection will contain both, as long as they are original as possible

11. As much as possible, I will try to purchase my coins from my "GOLDEN CIRCLE OF TRUSTED DEALERS" These include

A. Laura Sperber- Legend
B. Mike Prinz -Harlan Berk
C Dave Wnuck - Coin Rarities on Line
D Kathleen Duncan- Pinnacle
E. Larry Shapiro- Larry Shapiro Rare Coins
F. Rick Tomaska- R&I COINS
H. Stefanie- CoinsAreFun

There are many other fine dealers to choose from, however, these dealers seem to have the coins I like to collect
and have proven to be honest, reliable and decent folks to deal with. Great coins at fair prices. They all will repurchase
coins that they have sold at the strongest prices at the time of sale.

12. My executor will be advised, that if he and his brother can wait at least 20 years, the total of the collections value may be profound
indeed. At that point the collection will be dispersed, according my specific instruction to gain the maximum value,
which means an auction house.the executor will be instructed to bargain hard when it comes to commissions.
It is not unheard of for the owners of fine collection to receive up to 105 to 110% of the purchase price.

13. This collection is intended to be divided equally between our sons and will act to buttress whatever retirement plans and funds
they may have assembled.

14. It is understood, that in creating a collection for sale in a 10 - 20 year period, certain assumptions and educated guesses must be made as to the direction of the coin market and prices at the end of that long period.
For that, I must rely on past developments ,as well as my 40 years experience and the very valuable advice from my Golden Circle of Dealers. It is important to note, that no collector is immune from making errors in coin purchases. Further, mid course correction will be required, in order to keep the quality high and the mix of coins
properly balanced. It is also possible that a large percentage of nicely toned coins will become the order of the day with the collection.

That is my formula folks. You may have different thoughts, but these seem to meet the particular needs
mandated by my condition and wishes. It is a gift of love that will reach beyond time and space.

Individual data and evaluations

I will now tell you who I bought each coin from, what I paid

and the reasons why I bought each particular coin in the collection. As a reference guide,

I hope that this thread, along with the pictures and the Criteria thread will prove to be

of some value to print out as reference material as you build your own collections. As you will

notice, there are many different grades for the coins, but the overall appearance and quality

of the collections remains consistent.

The last thing any collector should want to see is a fugly

coin right next to a beautiful coin, regardless of the grade you collect. So here goes, I hope you

find this interesting. The entire thread should take me several days to complete. The order that

the coins are listed, is not the order that the coins were bought. Coins in this collection range from

MS-64= to MS-68. A rather amazing range, but with careful selection, they all seem to fit in rather

well with one another.

* Where the (GCD) appears after the coin dealers name, it means they are a part of my" GOLDEN CIRCLE OF DEALERS!"

** We will also be working on transferring this data, so that it will appear with each specific coin. It is our hope
to place all the information on each coin, at your finger tips, as a reference guide.

*** You will notice that some prices paid are much higher then the PCGS Price Guide while other coins are at guide
and some coins are under guide. This is due to a number of reasons. Perhaps the coin is more rare then the guides indicate,
perhaps it is condition rare and one must pay up to obtain a specimen. Sometimes it may just be collector obsession and stupidity.
Whatever the reason, you do have to be careful what you pay. A few coins that I paid what seems an exorbitant amount of
money for appear to be good candidates for upgrade. If I am right I am a winner, If I am wrong, then I am a wiener.

**** We have now included population numbers and PCGS Price guide values. ( Pop Numbers Price Guide Values) Guide Price as of 7/15/11
As of time the specific
coin was purchased for
reference purposes.
All coins below purchased between March/2011 and Aug/2011 *
PCGS Price Guide Values are listed as of the time the coin was **

1. 1837 Bust Half (Reeded edge) ......PCGS MS-65 CAC.....................Legend (GCD) $19,000........... ( 16/8 $19,000 )

This coin is superb in every way. It is in effect the logo and the corner stone of the entire collection.
The surface of the coin if immaculate and the luster is superb. It has non of the darkened areas on the face
that would indicate cabinet friction. The color , to me, is absolutely original and superb. All in all, this is
exactly the kind of coin I asked Laura for and she located it for me. Is it expensive, yes it is, but quality like
this, in an original state, is becoming almost impossible to find at almost any price. It can only become more
valuable with each passing year. I also believe this coin should Plus on regrade.

2.1875-S Liberty Seated 20 cent piece PCGS MS-65 .CAC................David Hall $4890................ (159/58 $5250 )

This is a coin that often comes dead , chalky, dipped out white, showing no life at all. I do not know why this coin
has been so abused but the one I purchased has all of its glowing luster and a very pleasing light even toning that
is a combination golden light brown. The important eagles breast, which often comes smooth and flat exhibits a strong
strike. All in all, a wonderful example of the often abused 20 cent piece.

3. 1877 CC Liberty Seated Half PCGS MS-65  CAC..............Southgate Coins (GCD) $13,500.............. (16,4 $5,900 )
This coin is reportedly the third or fourth finest graded example of this date and mint. The fields are almost fully PL
with a deep and mellow luster that almost glows. The fields have what appears to be a cameo appearance
against the PL fields. In my opinion, the coin is a full MS-66 and is under graded. It was extremely expensive
far outpacing the PCGS price guide, however, there are times one has to gulp hard, suck in the gut and go
with what it takes for an exceptional coin and mint. In view of my evaluation of a 1 to 1.5 point under grade. If I am
correct, then the coin will be properly priced. In any event, it is one hell of a coin. So I am either a winner, or, if it does
not upgrade, then I am a wiener.

4. 1879 Liberty Seated Half PCGS MS-66  CAC ..............David Hall $6555.............. ..(44/17 $7,000)

This half dollar is almost a twin to the preceding half. It has the same deep, mellow glowing type
of luster and it has impeccable surfaces. In addition , it has a lovely darker ring around the obverse and
a broader and darker ring around the reverse that is most attractive. This coin fully deserves its grade
and tells me, that I am right on the preceding half being under graded.Again, this coin's devices, have an
almost cameo effect ,against the nearly PL fields. I have always had a predilection for S.L. Half Dollars.


5. 1881 CC Morgan Dollar (127) PCGS MS-65 PL.CAC....... Heritage Sale #1157 7/ 11 $1955................... (154/78 $1250 )$1300

This coin attracted me for its very clean and frosty white face and the deep clean fields.
All in all, a most premium coin for the grade and certainly worthy of an upgrade at some point.

6. 1881-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS-67 PL CAC Larry Shapiro (GCD) $1955.................. (67/7 $1650 )

This coin just mesmerized me with the smooth unmarked face and the deep PL fields. It is a Morgan Dollar
worthy of its high grade. A common date but in very uncommon condition.

7. 1881 Seated Liberty Dime   PCGS PR-67 CAMEO  CAC   Legend   (GDC) $4000                   (5/0     $ 4600)

Completely ORIGINAL and neon like colors of electric royal blue/lime/green/gold/amber swirl all over the obverse. The reverse has a phenomenal ring electric royal blue/violet colors. Besides the great colors. The mirrors are perfect, glassy, and have a super strength reflectivity. Miss Liberty and the details are frosted and have full strikes. The eye appeal isn't just pretty-its MIND BLOWING!

I call this coin" Dusk and Sunrise"

8. 1883 CC Morgan Dollar (870) PCGS MS-65 DMPL CAC Heritage #1157 7/11 $1955.................. . (708/110 $ 1400 )

This coin had extraordinary clean , dark and clear fields and a deep frost on a clean face that was hard not to love

9. 1883 Trade Dollar PCGS PR-65 CAMEO CAC ..... Legend (GCD) $ 11,750............. ( 11/8 $12,500 )

When I first saw this coin, it was love at first sight. The fields are dark water deep, and the devices are clean and
fully white. I can not imagine a more perfect example of the Proof Trade Dollar. It was not cheap, but quality never
is. These coins are rather scarce in this condition and must be snapped up quickly if one wants to own one. This is
probably the nicest specimen that I have seen in quite some time. There are a number of beautiful CC example floating
around, but the price of the CC is usually monumental in comparison.Why this coin did not get a higher grade or a DCAM
eludes me. Whether it upgrades or not, it is a magnificent coin and a true keeper.

10.  1891 Seated Liberty Proof Dime PCGS PR 67 Cameo  CAC................... Pinnacle  (GCD)..................$5750

This dime is the first of its denomination to be in the Collection. In hand, it is a bit darker then the picture, but it is a
splendid dark water deep Proof coin and the colors have caused me to refer to the coin as "FIRE AND ICE".
This very coin is the plate coin on the PCGS Coin Facts under the 1891 PR S.L. Dimes.
It is a matter of great pride for me to own this coin.

11. 1894 Liberty Head $10 Gold PCGS MS-64+ CAC Legend (GCD) $6050 ....... ( 3/1 $4,750 )
(Simpson-Hall Pedigree)

There are only three coins graded at this level with one coin graded MS-65. I was honored to obtain this rare coin with its wonderful
pedigree. As many MS-64+ graded coins, this coin has all of the attributes of a full gem and it is a wonder to behold. If compared with
the scratched up garbage for sale in the coin market, one can appreciate the quality of this condition rare coin.

12. 1896 Barber Quarter PCGS PR-67 DCAM CAC Legend (GCD) $8500............... ( 9/4 $6,500 ) $7,500

This coin is truly a wonder to behold. The fields are black water deep and the devices, have deep, deep frost.
One rarely sees a Pr coin of this
rare quality in today's market place. Usually coins at this grade have much shallower fields and thinner frost.
Some even have what I consider
excessive marks. The coin was expensive, but these quality Proof Coins are very rare in today's market place
and their appearances are few and far between. Laura told me , please not to ask her to find another of this quality .
She said ,she did not think that she could. After what I have seen available, I believe her with my full heart.

13. 1896 $21/2 dollar gold PCGS MS-66 CAC Numismatic Americana (GCD) $3650............... (18/3 $3,650 ) $4500 Liberty Head

This is a very clean coin with lovely smooth and lustrous surfaces. When one compares this coin with the chopped up
coins one regularly sees in the market place, you come to appreciate the look of true quality in these gold coins. There
appears to be a wide disparity among coins in the same grade and one must be most critical and selective about buying
these lovely golden treasures. This company, as with all of my Golden Circle of Dealers, seems to consistently carry coins
of the highest quality across all series of coins.

14. 1897 Barber Half PCGS PR-67 DCAM CAC Pinnacle (GCD) $18,900................ (10/3 $16,000 )

This is one amazing Pr Barber Half. Obviously condition rare, deep black water fields and a deep frost on the devices.
When such a quality half comes along, you have to jump on it before it gets away. It fits in very nicely with the 1905 MS 66+ Half.

15. 1904-O $10 dollar gold PCGS MS-65 CAC Legend (GCD) $24,000............... (5/1 $ 17,500 ) Liberty Head

This is the very rare type of coin in high Gem grade that Legend excels in obtaining. It is terribly under rated as a
date as most examples are  well trashed and of low grade, it is truly condition rare. In coming years, this coin will
come to be seen as a classic major gold rarity and will be given the respect and the value it so richly deserves.
If you think that this price is high now, just wait 10 - 20 years and see the price then.
The coin is fully deserving of its gem grade. The surfaces are clean, smooth and they have a lovely luster lacking in so many Liberty Head 10 dollar gold pieces, Again, there is a tremendous disparity in quality within the same grade and certainly a disparity when compared to companies other then PCGS. Grading gold coins, is a world wholly unto itself and one must be careful and informed before stepping into this most exotic yet pit strewn area of collecting. It is my opinion, that all Liberty Head $10 coins, other then the ubiquitous 1901, are all under appreciated and are much
more rare then is commonly thought, in gem condition.

16. 1905 Barber Half PCGS MS-66+ CAC Heritage Sale #1150 7/11 $14,950................ . (1/2 $13,500 ) $15,000

A clean and lustrous coin. The face is mark free. This is a scarce date and is certainly condition rare.
A most pleasing MS coin.

17. 1908 $5 Coronet Head PCGS MS-65 CAC Heritage Sale #1150 6/11 $3450................... (174/35 $3700 )$3300

A very clean coin free of the abrasion that haunt most gold pieces. The coin is far more alive and lustrous
then is shown by the picture. In my opinion, this coin should be a MS-65+. We shall see what we shall see.

18. 1911 Barber Dime  PCGS PR-67 Cameo  CAC   Legend    (GDC)  $6750                   (3/2     $5000   )

The fields of this amazing proof are black water deep and the devices are snow white frost.
Making the coin even more desirable and spectacular, is an electric ring of reddish/ gold and
blue/ violet around the periphery of the coin.Only 543 Proofs were minted for this year.
This particular coin last sold in the Stacks Auction Nov/2010 , where it sold for $7475.

19. 1911-S Barber Quarter PCGS MS-66+ CAC Heritage Sale #1157 7/11 $3737.................. (2/4 $3850 )

This coin is fully deserving of its grade. It is clean, with a lovely mellow luster ,showing thru original skin. It
is also a condition rare date which is a definite plus to the collection.

20. 1915 Pan Pacific PCGS MS-67 CAC Harlan Berk (GCD) $8250.................. (73/5 $8500 )

This is a beautiful and rather unusual specimen. Many Pan Pacs suffer from over dipping, poor color, minor rub or marks
lack of luster and in general, look rather poorly. When I saw the grade, color and luster of his wonderful coin, it was love
at first sight. This was a consignment sale thru the dealer and the original owner must be a collector with impeccable taste.

21. 1916 Walking Liberty PCGS MS-66+ CAC Legend (GCD) $6750.................. (72/6 $5000 )Half

This particular coin is the epitome of the designers art. The surfaces are magnificent, the luster could light up a dark room. In
my opinion, this coin is slated to be in a MS-67 holder some day. The strike is strong and the coin is as original as it is possible
to be. I really love this coin and the design.

22. 1918 Standing Liberty PCGS MS-66+  CAC Harlan Berk (GCD) $ 5775................. ( 33/10 $5200 )Quarter

While the 1918 is noted as an outstanding strike year, this puppy is truly hammered,
The head is not only a strong FH, it approaches
the mythical Ultra FH that is no longer available on today's market place. The Inner shield, all rivets , and the 10 toes can actually
be counted. The luster is excellent . I find no soft spots on the figure of liberty, which means that the temperature
of the planchet as well as the pressure on the die were perfect, allowing the metal to fill every nook and cranny of the die.
A truly outstanding specimen that I believe is worthy of a plus at a minimum.

23. 1920-D Mercury Dime   PCGS  MS65    $800  Captivating Coins     (26/27      $800  )

The coin is covered in a most attractive bronze and gold tone. This is a semi key date
for the series and as such, it is nice to have such a coin with such a pleasing and crusty
look to it.

24. 1929-S Lib Standing PCGS MS67+ FH  Southgate Coins (GCD) $15,500............. ....... ( 11/0 $8250 )Quarter

This is the first MS-67 FH coin of this series that I truly liked. The luster is off the scale, the strike is strong , although there is a somewhat soft strike softness on the thigh, mint made. However overall, this is one heck of a coin. Now, truly I paid thru the nose to obtain this coin. The dealer knew well what they had and were not going to turn it loose, unless their price, was more or less paid. Either this coin is a plus or a MS-68, I got screwed or , since
there is nothing higher, It may be truly condition rare and under priced in the price guide.

25. 1926-S Oregon Half PCGS MS-67 CAC Heritage Auction #1157 7/11 $1600................. ( 106/5 $ 1600 )Commemorative

This coin had the right overall look of nice rim toning , beautiful luster, high grade and CAC. Whats not to like?

26. 1936-D San Diego PCGS MS-67 CAC David Lawrence $2400................ ( )

This is a lovely toned coin in a grade where their is only one coin graded higher. It is one of the Commemorative Halves
that I always felt was most attractive when it was nicely tones instead of snow white. All commems that will go in the collection,
will be high grade and nicely toned. I love the way the golden /brown tone drapes around the central devices causing a cameo
effect on both the obverse and the reverse.

27. 1937 Antietam Half PCGS MS-67+ CAC David Lawrence$46...... ( 2/14 $2250 )Commemorative

This Commem has a wonderful golden sheen on the surfaces that darkens slightly towards to outer edges.
This gives the devices a three dementional appearance. The overall look is captivating in a most sophisticated manner.
The coin cost me double guide price, which I thought was rather high, but that is what it btakes to win such a beautiful
toned coin in high grade.

28.  1941 W.L. Half PCGS MS-67+ CAC Larry Shapiro (GDC) $1895.................... . (6/13 $1450 )

Toned a lovely golden/ brown color with superb luster and very clean smooth surfaces.


29. 1943 W.L. Half PCGS MS-67 CAC Larry Shapiro (GDC) $850.................... (327/5 $900 )

The coin has the same wonderful golden/bron toning and high luster as the above W.L. Halves.
This coin though a common date, is condition scarce and as such is most valuable.

30. 1945-D Mercury Dime  NGC MS-67FB   Captivating Coins  $300

31. 1947-D Roosevelt Dime   PCGS MS-67FB   COINSAREFUN    (CDC)    $600   (29/1      $575)

The obverse is toned a magnificent melange of rose, lavender, red, lime green and gold. These rainbow
colors blend in to one another in a most striking and pleasing manner. The colors darken somewhat as
they reach the outer edge of the coin. The reverse is less spectacular but does have some toning around
 the edges of gold and red leaving the center of the reverse basically white. It is interesting that the one coin
rated MS-68 FB non toned is listed at $6500. That is quite a leap of faith indeed.

32.  1949-S Franklin Half Dollar PCGS MS-64 FBL CAC  Kryptonite Comics $359    (                             )

The 1049-S Half, as stated in Rick Tomaska's reference book on Franklin and Kennedy Half Dollars states"...While redily available in MS-64, this coin becomes very scarce in MS-64 FBL. This date and grade has witnessed considerable appreciation as demand outstrips supply. Superbly toned 1949-S FBL  Halves are extremely rare in any grade. I found the color of this coin attested to its originality. As the light golden tone
defused thru the original skin it took on a lovely irridescence. All in all, this coin had the right year and the right grade and the right amount of originality and finally color, surface and toning.

33.  1952 Wash Carver Commemorative Half Dollar  NGC  MS-66+*      David Lawrence    5/11  $3300......................   ( 5/7       $525    )
This a most unusual coin grading MS-66+ * a PLUS and a STAR on the same coin. It has an almost an electric
golden tone on the obverse and a more subdued bluish tone on the reverse. A most beautiful and condition
rare coin due to the grade and the toning.I have always felt that this particular commemorative was the crudest
and most unpleasant looking of all the commemorative Half Dollars. However, with the toning, high luster and
 high grade, what was once and ugly duckling has turned into a beautiful swan, at least for this particular coin.

34.  1953 Franklin Half    PCGS MS-65 CAC  RICK TOMASKA  R&I COINS  (GDC) $1650 .............   (440/52   220  )

The 1953 Franklins are extremely rare with the phenominal colors and luster this gem has.
It is drenched in a wild rainbow of light sunburst orange,canary yellow, cranberry and gold
at the center of the coin.As we more towards the outer edge of the coin we find a mixture of
cranberry,violet, royal blue,and finally grape.

On the reverse, is a deep mix of lavender,light pink and grape towards the edges. All in all, a truly
beautiful coin for its series and date.

35. 1956 Franklin Half PCGS Secure Plus MS-65 Bugs Bunny    Coinsarefun  (CDC)   $850    (9/0 )
Plate coin PCGS Coinfacts R8 Type 1 Reverse

To my knowledge, this is the only bugs bunny 1956 Half to be graded by PCGS that is an R8 meaning type 1 reverse. Add to that the lovely toning
and this coin just called out to me and I had to buy it. It was difficult for the seller and me, the buyer to come
up with a proper value for this coin, but eventually after some polite haggling, a price was arrived at.

36.  1957 Franklin Half  PCGS MS-66FBL  $1500   Kryptonite Comics     (400/12       $180)

When one considers a price for a truly outstanding Franklin Half, it must include
grade, does if have FBL, overall appearance , freedom from detracting bagmarks and the toughest factor of all, toning.
This coin, according to the new reference guide to Franklin and Kennedy Halves, by Rick Tomaska,shows that nicely toned halves in MS-66FBL sell for between $1500 - 2000 dollars. It is difficult and unusual, to find a Franklin Half with such a perfect two sided irridescent toning. When found with such toning, usually it is one sided or has dark streaks or dark blotchy color. It is rather hard to come to terms with the fact that a snow white coin in MS-66 FBL would go for even more money.

This coin had all of the bells and whistles for me, including grade, FBL, beautiful toning and lovely surfaces free from the annoying marks or slight breaks in luster, on the face of Franklin. This coin was won in a very spirited auction with 11 different bidders and 29 bids. It is hard to bid such money on the basis of a picture, but the dealer is known to me to be quite honest and experience in describing such coins or defects and is very skilled in taking wonderful as well as accurate pictures.

37.  1958-D Washington Quarter PCGS MS-66  Kryptonite Comics    $225              (305/106           $60 )

Not much to say, nice coin, nice toning in high grade by my favorite TPG Service.

38.  1959 D Washington Quarter NGC MS66

39.  1964-D Kennedy Half Dollar  PCGS MS-66 CoinsAreFun    $675 (GDC) ( 442/31 $100)

The Half Dollar is covered in a lovely even tone of copper/gold on both the obverse and the reverse. An outstanding specimen
to represent this very popular coin and a tribute to a popular president cut down in his prime in office.

This coin is also on PCGS CoinFacts.

40. 1964-D Kennedy Half  PCGS Secure Plus MS-66   Coinsarefun    (CDC)  $650    (           ) Plate coin CoinFacts

This grade is not as easy to achieve as most think it is and with a target toning on the obverse makes this a special coin.
Two things drew my eye towards this coin.
The most important reason being the lovely ring toning on the obverse. shine a light on this puppy and it just jumps out and grabs you. The second reason is that I tend to like coins that appear as Plate coins in the PCGS Coinfacts. If PCGS considers these coins worthy of becoming plate coins, why shouldn't
I give serious consideration buying them. While this coin was a bit more then I really wanted to pay for it, toning adds value to even a common coin that is sometimes difficult to place a specific number to.
Perhaps a major part of the price is just how much effort in searching  and time the seller has placed in the coin that determines the price

41. 1974-S Eisenhower PCGS Secure Plus MS67 Silver     kryptonitecomics               $800

42. 1978-D Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS MS65  Coinsarefun    (CDC)  $410    (           )

This Kennedy Half has mesmerizing irridescent blue around the devices on both sides.
These colors are just lovely and might not be available at reasonable prices in 10 - 15 years.
While these moderns are not rare classical coins, they might begin to be in the above time frame.

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Thank you, I will check this periodically.

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This is truly a remarkable collection. I think what I like most about it is that it is not limited by denomination, type or color. I am left with the feeling that each and every one of these coins stopped you dead in your tracks and whispered gently in your ear, "Take me!" Thank you for sharing them with us.

On another note, I have a 1926-S Oregon Trail, NGC MS67, that I recently purchased from Mark Feld. I had been looking for several years for just the right one, both in appearance and affordability. I'm not a big fan of the blast white OT's, and there are always a bunch of them available, but every time I found one nicely toned, it always sold for an amount beyond my means. I was very pleased to be able to acquire it at what I thought was a good price, $850. (There was no haggling over the price. He listed it at that amount, and I bought it instantly.) Now, I realize that most collectors will tell us that PCGS coins sell for more than their NGC counterparts, but that is not an issue to me. What I'm curious to know is how much of a premium, in your opinion, is derived from the green beanie?

Thanks again!

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Re: Bear's Legacy Collection and the criteria for this collection
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Thanks for an excellent collection!

My favorite is still the light violet Walker.  That thing is something special!  Several other special ones, of course, but I think that one stands out above the crowd in terms of a unique and super-pleasing eye appeal!

I see that a few are not listed as CAC, are those still being kept or are they pending CAC approval?  Or are you going to hang on to a few non-CAC also?

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Re: Bear's Legacy Collection and the criteria for this collection
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Two non CAC are out to CAC for approval and one was  not approved

(1861 L.S. Dollar) I did not agree with CAC and so it remains.

As for the premium of CAC it varies. On gold never , ever buy an expensive gold coin

without a CAC sticker. The range of quality of non CAC gold is staggering from good to

terrible. The premium for CAC overall is about 25%. This premium will be somewhat

different for different grades and different coin series. It is my opinion, that when a coin is

PCGS and CAC, then the odds are pretty good that you have a coin that is nice as well

as solid for the grade.
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Re: Bear's Legacy Collection and the criteria for this collection
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On gold never , ever buy an expensive gold coin

without a CAC sticker.

I am going to disagree with you here. I have "made" about a dozen gold sticker gold coins. If I had not purchased them without a CAC sticker, I would not currently have them with a gold sticker.

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Re: Bear's Legacy Collection and the criteria for this collection
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I applaud you for your expertise and skills, however very few collectors enjoy such skills. The advice

given here was for newbies and intermediate collectors as well as a number of advanced collectors. one

 of the many goals of this Forum, is to protect the vast number of collectors, from the pitfalls and costly

errors that can await the unwary collector.
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Re: Bear's Legacy Collection and the criteria for this collection
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On gold never , ever buy an expensive gold coin

without a CAC sticker.

I am going to disagree with you here. I have "made" about a dozen gold sticker gold coins. If I had not purchased them without a CAC sticker, I would not currently have them with a gold sticker.

All you are doing is PROVING Bear's point!  You picked out several coins that were on the opposite side Bear was referring to, but still *POINT OUT* that the grading on a lot of the gold out there is flat wrong.

A gold sticker means FLAT WRONG.  In a good way, but still flat wrong.

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Re: Bear's Legacy Collection and the criteria for this collection
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So you are saying that one should avoid nice, undergraded coins?

Are you also saying that one should only buy coins that have been approved by others?

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Re: Bear's Legacy Collection and the criteria for this collection
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I believe that we can now state certain facts.

1. RYK, experienced collectors with a proven eye for quality, certainly do not
need an outside party to tell them if a coin is a quality coin. Thus you and qualified
collectors such as yourself, are quite capable of selecting quality coins with high

2. The market for gold coins is rather a mine field filled with truly horrible as well as
nice coins in each gold series. Even a coin graded by a top TPG service, can show
an enormous range in quality within a single grade.

3. Most collectors, including myself, are not as qualified as we would like to be in type
as well as gold coins. We do need the confidence that is gained by a coin being both PCGS
and CAC. Especially, in thwe deep end of the pool, mistakes become rather painful.

Thus I do not believe that any of us are in disagreement. Highly qualified people will always do well
when it comes to selecting high quality, fore the grade coins. Less qualified collectors do require the
service and confidence afforded by a service such as CAC.