Author Topic: Eric Newman Higley Copper Three Hammer's NGC graded AU50  (Read 2845 times)

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Eric Newman Higley Copper Three Hammer's NGC graded AU50
« on: February 07, 2014, 02:26:59 PM »
Is coming up for auction soon   Link to the Coin Week article 

A few sentences copied and pasted from the article here:

" A Higley Copper of any variety that is graded “AU-50” is of tremendous importance. It is unusual for a Higley to grade as high as Fine-15!
Furthermore, many surviving Higley Coppers have extensively corroded. Many others have been damaged.

High resolution images of this, Newman Collection, NGC graded “AU-50“ Higley are extraordinarily impressive. It has the most detail of any Higley Copper
that has been publicly offered in a very long time, as far as I know. The deer on the obverse (front) is well formed and the three crowned hammers on the reverse
are amazingly sharp!

Even if it has imperfections that I do not now know about, I am almost certain that the sale of this piece will set an auction record for a Higley Copper. "

Since most of us do not have a fortune to spend on this amazing piece of history and will go to one lucky person,
sometimes the next best thing to owning the real deal is an electrotype.

I have been very fortunate to stumble upon and purchase this electrotype of the rare piece and wanted to share it with all of you.

When I first saw it I knew it was special but had no idea it was the Newman specimen. As far as the age of this electrotype I will say
it must be very old as the collection has been stashed away for a very long time.

I'm going to send this piece and my other electrotypes to Goodman for proper images as mine are terrible.
But it just arrived today and I just had to share with everyone here.

Below is my piece on the left and Newman's on the right.

I'm showing below the large planchet size in comparison to the other Higley so you can get a feel for the coin.

I'm wondering if Crosby was responsible for both of these pieces?